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LA > 24 rebooting, GPU driver erro no temps

Good afternoon,
Can anyone help me with this error?
I’ve tried everything, it starts normal and every 4 hours it restarts giving this message.

can you post here your hiveos main worker OC page?


GPU driver error, no temps also point to some of the same issues:

your problem si the overclock settings
Try these:

3070 TIs

  • remove power limit
  • set core clock equal to 1350
  • lower your mem clock down to 2200, if it’s stable after 5-6hours increase it by 100mhz


  • remove power limit
  • set core clock to 1120
  • set memory clock to 2400 and if it’s stable increase by 100mhz

ok i will do it!!! Thanks

Good morning mate,
I updated the hive os and nvidia drivers.
The temperature is high, is this normal?

they are fine, you are at 60% fan speed so i’d say temps are good enough

Good Morning,

Now it started giving this error.