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L7 hiven firmware

Hi guys i hace installed the lasted hiveon firmware on My new antminer L7. But before start mining the miner show me this error
"“power version error, expect 0073, actual 0078”.
If i use the original firmware i don’t have any problem the miner work perfect.

Any help/solution?

Looking into it, will folllow up

Please try this newer version

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thx very much!! this version work perfect for now… i will test more days! thx

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Hi keaton… im working whit that firmware, but I notice that the hashrate is too unstable. It’s my first L7 device so I’m not sure if it’s normal or not. sometimes i have 8800mhs and suddenly i have 9800mhs its very rare.

its normal for the local to bounce around some. pay attention to your poolside hashrate, thats the one that matters

Ok… I have one more question, could you tell me what are the maximum operating temperatures? I currently have it for immersion and I notice that when I put the equipment with the cables up… the “inlet/outlet” sensors were inverted. See yourself in the photo.

hiveon has a temperature protection when the input temperature exceeds X temp? This will be a problem for me in the future.

thats chip temp and board temp, i typically try to stay 80c or below, but wouldnt run them above 85c