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L3+ with high rejected share ratio on HIVE OS (and constantly rebooting as well)

Hi guys, I’m in China and I have a small L3+ mining farm here. I have tried out many different third party firmwares recently, and I decided to use HIVE OS since it’s providing a good remote control over my rigs and with nice auto tune function.

But It seems all my rigs with HIVE OS were having high rejected shares ratio both shown on my poolin pool account and Miner status web-ui. It keeps happening no matter what overclock profile I chose (even with default settings).

The real-time hash rate is quite stable but the average rate starts falling off after 10-30mins, then the rig starts rebooting, this keeps on and on.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? And any suggestion how can I trouble shoot this issue? Is it because my rigs are in China, and there is some kind of latency problem between HIVE OS server and my location (this does not seems to make sense)?


I have the exact same problem. My preliminary conclusion is that it is due to the Chinese firewall. I contacted Hive tech support and they said it is due to internet connection so it makes sense that it is something that is blocked. Will try to setup a VPN router next month.

Thank you Tord. This is my guess too. Could you give me an update once you tried the VPN method? It seems to solve the issue. But it’s sad that I have my rigs in many different places. Kind of unrealistic for me to use HIVE OS in this sense.

Works fine with VPN.