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L3 + Overclocking profiles

So, i seem to have only one oc profile working, the others will run for maybe 5 mins and shutdown showing some variation of >Number of ‘x’ = 4 of chain 1 has exceeded threshold,
This happened over a few months not suddenly, all i have done to this machine is change 1 fan, it had hiveos firmware installed when i got it although it is showing version 1.03.
Do i need a new control board, fans, upgrade firmware?

try resetting to factory settings (still on hiveon fw) and then repick the profile and let it autotune

Using the reset button on the miner?

I should also ask, will i need to reflash the hiveon firmware after the factory reset?

no from the local/ip dashboard. no need to reflash after it just erases it to stock hiveon settings

Okay i will give that a try tomorrow, thanks