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L3+ Hive from Bitmain upgrade not working

Trying to upgrade a new L3+ and it’s been stuck for an hour now. It says


I can no longer see it registered as ant miner under my ip scanner it has no name now. I used the tar.gz to install and I’d like to turn it off or know how to proceed here.

Try the sdcard method, should be a few guides on YouTube if you search

Do I just unplug the machine until I get the card then? I don’t know proper procedure here.

Yeah typically ASICS don’t have power buttons, so just unplug them to turn them off

Ok wasn’t sure if it’s doing this update thing if I’ll brick it doing this without trying something else. Thanks.

Those are pretty tough to kill, if you aren’t able to load the firmware through the web ui the sdcard method should get you sorted.

Ok. I really hate doing SD installs they fail so fast and I have 5 of these I need to upgrade, I’d prefer to do the SSD method because of that. Should I be concerned at all that it doesn’t register as antminer anymore under ip scanner? Also when I try to access machine from other browsers/other computers as well it doesn’t load anything. Only the original browser I opened it under will load the machine information to do an upgrade.

You don’t run the firmware from the sdcard, only use it to overwrite the factory firmware.check some of the guides on YouTube. The end result is identical to the web ui method.

Right. I was confused when I wrote that I thought you could also do it from SSD card. I’ve had horrible luck writing from SD card in the past. Those things tend to burn out after 2 installs. I’ll write back on Tuesday or Wednesday if I have trouble with it.