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L3+ Control FAN Speed

Yo Guys,

how to control FAN Speed with the HIVE OS Firmware? If i set it inside the Miner, i only get rejected shares.


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+1. This is a valid request.

How do I control fan speed on a L3+ from ? I would like the fan speed to auto RPM+ when temperatures increase and auto RPM- as temperatures decrease. Right now, my fans are at 40% or so and my temperatures are high as my machines are in a hotter than usual room at the moment. Would be nice if my fans ran at a higher % when temperatures are hot during the day and lower RPM at night.


I agree. It would be nice to set a target temp and then the firmware throtles the fans to keep that temp stable. I have seen this feature on other L3+ firmware, so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Did you ever find a solution for your fans?

I would also love this feature. Quiet mode with target temps like Blissz would be great.

Hello I have a similar problem and it is very annoying. It looks like I’ll have to stop using the software. The problem is that when the temperature rises, the fan speed does not rise above 50%. If I set the speed in the web interface of my L3 +, then after the reboot it will reset and the speed will still be no more than 50%. This way I overheat the chips. I ask the developer to urgently solve the problem

You need to set your desired fan speed from worker’s Flight Sheet.

After that you. send Flight Sheet update to the worker then it’ll be fine.

You can also update via Miner Configuration page on your L3

Is there any update on this ?
It’s freezing cold currently and all my fans are still running at 75+% with machine temperatures in the 45-55c range .

I spend a lot of time trying to increase fan speed and this is what i found. You can change fan speed by editing flightsheet of your miner. You need to press “Setup miner config” button and then press on “Antminer frequency, fans, power params”. You will find “fan control” switcher there. Turn it on and then you need to manually set “Bitmain FAN PWM”. I set it up to 6500 but i’m not quite sure that i’m doing it right cause it makes my fan rotate at 68%(4050). It’s better than default speed 57%(3800) but still not good enough and i failed to increase it further. When i’m increasing “Bitmain FAN PWM” higher than 6500 it doesn’t increase the fan speed. In fact it’s doing right the opposite: fan speed decreasing to 53% or even less. if anyone knows right PWM setup please reply here!