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L3 Configure PCB to "Cool Down" at specified Temperature

So, when a laptop is on the same network as the L3, it is possible to connect direct to the miner through the IP address. However, if a computer isn’t on the same network – like you’re at your house and the miners are in a remote location – how can I configure the miners to shut down, automatically, upon reaching a certain temperature? That would be a nice feature to have in the HiveOS dashboard – not to mention fan control at certain temperatures …

What firmware are you using on your L3? Depending on which you use, there is an option to trigger a shutdown if the temp passes 80 degrees Celsius. You can do this by…

  1. log into your L3 through its IP
  2. Click on “Miner Configuration”
  3. Under general settings (tab with all of your pool/worker name/PW information) scroll all the way to the bottom and you should see a toggle for “Stop running when temperature is over 80 Celsius”)
  4. Toggle the setting and click “Save&Apply”

I don’t know if you’re looking to shut it off when it reaches a lower temp than 80 Celsius, but this is a good fail safe IMHO. Additionally, if you download the HiveOS app on your phone you can monitor your miners from anywhere. While there isn’t a “shut down” command due to ASIC miner’s automatically booting when they receive power, it allows you to change your OC settings. So if you’re getting too hot you can regulate the voltage and frequency to the boards, dropping the temp.

For the fan control, I do believe you can set the fans to run at a certain speed constantly (although I’ve never played with this feature), it should be accessible by doing the same steps listed above. Just further down on the page.

But, that would be pretty cool to be able to control your fans through HiveOS. Not sure how hard it would be though, seeing as your miner should generally be changing fan speeds at certain temps automatically.

Hope this was of some help to you. Cheers!

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