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L3+ boards not detected cannot fix with Hiveos installed please help

I have recently downloaded hiveos and like the firmware but cannot re write my hashing boards with it installed. I try to run the “fix” and I get cannot find signature . I have tried removing hiveos and same problem even tried with sd card and stock firmware and no luck. How can I re write or fix my hashing boards while hive is installed? Or how can I remove hiveos in order to run the fix for my L3+ hashing boards? Any help would be very appreciated.

Put Hive ASIC image on a SD card, then put that SD card into your L3+.

ASIC FIRMWARE: How to flash via SD Card (HiveOn by HiveOs) upgrade software (cannot find signature) - YouTube

Yes I have tried using the SD card and still no luck. I still cannot run the board detection fix. It is still saying cannot find signature.

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