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Keeping wallets, flight sheets etc during wipe?

I’m sure this is a pretty stupid question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer yet…
The ssd that I have my hiveos on is reportedly full and is causing problems. I figure it’s a perfect time to install fresh.
I’m looking to use the ‘hive-replace - s’ command that mentions everything on my ssd will be wiped. But I’m hoping to keep my settings, wallets, flight sheets, OC templates and stored card firmwares.
Will running that command delete everything I want to save?
Is there a way I could save them? Exporting or even copying particular directories over to another drive, then copying back?
Thanks for help!

The config is saved on hive’s servers. Your local disk usually only has the os, miners, etc

So if you wipe your drive, you won’t lose the setup. You would need to set your farm id again, so the rig can continue. The most complicated thing to restore is wifi. If you are wired, you should be ok

The firmware is usually saved on your local computer or the server (not the rig). So check wherever you selected to stored the files

Thank you! My HOS is on an SSD attached to my rig. So there is no local computer or server. I just want to make sure my wallets, flight sheets, OC templates and stored card firmware files aren’t wiped. But, unless they are all stored on a different partition that a new HOS installation knows not to wipe, it seems to be they will all be deleted during the install process…
I’m not convinced they won’t be… Can someone confirm?

yeah everything important is saved with hive. you just need to use the rig.conf from settings and place it on the root of the fresh install to let hive know which rig it is

You’re awesome! Thanks again for the help! :beers:

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