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Kawpow - #4 Share rejected: {"error":[-32603,"Internal error","NULL"]}, 75 ms. [DEVICE 6, #2]


I am using the hive pool for RVN. I am getting rejected shares no matter what miner I use. I have one nvidia rig and one amd. Both are getting the same rejected shares. I’ve changed the flight sheet. I’ve moved the rigs to different network ports. No dice. The error I get is:

kawpow - #4 Share rejected: {“error”:[-32603,“Internal error”,“NULL”]}, 75 ms. [DEVICE 6, #2]

Any ideas?

Switch to another pool.

Yeppers. I did that. I just wanted to let the hive team know this is an issue. I also didn’t get a payout, so something is up with that pool. Needs a reboot…lol

Yeah there’s an issue impacting some users on the rvn pool. We are still narrowing down the cause and hope to have it fixed soon.