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KAS pool

I have a problem with the pool. Any solution?

Are you shure you have a pool problem ?
Its shown, that youre using autolykos2 algo, and kaspa wallet using trex miner, witch not supprt kaspa yet (as far as i know)

switched to bzminer…problem again

youre using ETHASH and KASPA wallet, cant you see ??

yes and what is the problem? can you give an explanation.

KAS uses kHeavyHash. ETHASH (daggerhasimoto) is used by ETH.
Its like fueling diesel with gas.
second, try not to use stratum+tcp, just for example.

Thanks for explanation. I actually chose the algorithm offered by Hiveon on the setup miner config. I assume that all the offered algorithms are correct, considering that by choosing a different coin, the algorithm offer is different.

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