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Just got an AMD card

I’m currently running Hiveos version 0.6-201@210325. I read that to use AMD cards with my phoenix miner I need to have version 0.6-202@210401. If I upgrade to the latest hiveos 0.6-203@210515, will my Gigabyte 6700 XT Eagle work within the same flight sheet as my nvidia cards?

What do I need to do exactly? Please help since I am a newbie. Thanks in advance.

I am using teamredminer for AMD cards and i am very happy with it.
with version 0.6-203@210515 seems that Gigabyte Radeon RX 6700 XT Eagle gains additional 0.5MH/sec.
After the last update the hashrate reached from 46.10 MH/sec to 46.61 MH/sec.
You can use teamredminer for AMD card and something else, like T-Rex, for Nvidia.
I tried phoenix miner just for fun and it doesn’t work for me.

Did you have to reflash your drive or just did a simple upgrade to be able to use AMD and Nvidia cards together? Did you have to use 2 separate flight sheets?

Just a simple upgrade.
In the same flight sheet you can use more that one miner.