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Just after a bit of advice what to do with the rest of my build

I’m relatively new to mining and was just after a bit of advice around my existed PSU and what to do about my risers

I currently have:
3x 5700xt Mech
Corsair HX1000

At the moment all gpus and risers are powered by the pcie 8pins split. Using a total of 5 (1 to each card and 2 split for the risers)

The hive OS is showing each card using 99-102w but id imagine from wall its higher. (Going to get a meter to check it soon)

I have ordered 2 of the 5700xt Sapphire cards and some of the newer risers that have all 3 power connectors available. I also have 5 corsair type-4 peripheral cables (the 4 pin molex ones)

Now the real question is. Am i able to use 5 seperate peripheral cables to power each riser individually and power the 5x undervolted GPUS on this HX1000w
I have been reading so much about these different connectors and do’s/don’ts with them. Apparently 2 risers per molex chain is fine? But to be on the side of safety i figure 1 each has to be better. But with this im unsure if the 1000w will be stable enough with the 5x 5700xt.

Sorry if i rambled on a bit im a bit uneducated and thank you for any advice you can provide.

You can do up to three on molex. 2 is safe. 1 is not super necessary. There was a video on youtube showing how much cards actually draw on a molex line and its not a huge amount, maybe 45 watts at the high end. Google search says molex usual max wattage is around 132.

But 1000 watts with 6 5700xt is probably pushing it. You’ll need to make sure the PSU isn’t pushed beyond 80% capacity (you can get away with it with a gold/plat psu), but a good goal is 60-65% capacity for a longer life, 50% for life and best efficiency; and that means at some point the gpu’s could draw more power than what you are expecting and in that case you could brick your PSU, at the very least. It can happen in a matter of 15 minutes; so you’ll want to calculate the GPU’s default power draw when figuring if your PSU can handle it or to add more. Think of when the rig is booting up (it will draw quite a bit of power until your custom voltage settings kick in; depending on your motherboard), or when you or something resets your ‘custom’ voltage settings to stock.

Oh sorry i’m only planning on running 5 5700xt’s not 6. I thought 6 might be a bit much. It wont be until a months time or so. But good to know about keeping it within 60% capacity and that 2 risers per molex could be safe. it’ll tidy the wires up a bit.

Oh yeah good point about before the settings get applied… and if they get reset… ill have to take more into consideration.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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