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It's posible install 14 GPUs in a ASRock h110 pro BTC+?

I need yo know ir Is possible mining 14 GPUs in a pro BTC+ motherboard, using m.2 Port for the 14th GPU???

Read manual … m.2 on ths mobo can work only in SATA mode instead PCIE that needs to GPU
So answer - No, you can’t use M.2 on this motherboard.

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yes, there is people using 14 gpus with h110

Not on the M.2 - To be clear - As HaloGenius states, the m.2 slot only supports SATA, its all in the manual.

yes, 13. sorry about wrong info earlier. I was sure that had seen posts where guys had 14 on h110. I have 2 of these boards and i did read the manual again now. thanks for the correction.