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İt is always rebooting

İt is always writing reading package lists after this in hiveos mobile app “gpu driver error, no temps, rebooting.” And rebooting but it is not working again same steps and rebooting.

What cards and clocks? Are you able to click any of the error messages?

Reduce oc or increase voltage on the problem card

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Now i reseted all overclocks to the stock value but now it is connecting to the hiveos after 5 minutes it is being offline and not giving any error. And screen is like this.

stock isnt good for mining. at least leave your core clocks set.

İ found the mistake mt cpu’s la is too high it is starting with 3 and going to 5.15 it is same with 1 card or 4 card what is the solution is that

Have you changed the clocks on the gpu that was causing the crashes?

İ didn’t change the clockings.

Then it will continue crashing

have you changed your 1660s bios?

İ didn’t