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Issues with rtx 3070 when applying OC


I am new to mining and I have an issue whith my RTX3070 (gigabyte gaming oc).

I mine on ETH (ethminer) on Hiveon. With stock parameters (no OC) I have no issue.
When I apply the standard OC (-200, 2600, 135W), it also works well.
I can see my comsumption and GPU temp drop and my Hashrate increase.

When I restart the RIG, issues occur. mainly Rejected share. To solve the problem, I need

  • to set back stock parameters (hashrate drop, comsumption and temerature rise, but still have mainly rejected shares)
  • restart the RIG (everything works well)
  • Reapply the OC parameters

Any idea?

thank you for your help,


the problem is the heat in the memory of those cards, look at this forum:

is very well explained.

for the moment take out the oc.

thank you for your answer.
What is strange is that the pb only occurs when restrating the RIG with OC.

If I restart without OC and apply them after, it works great. Mined ETH yesterday for more than 15 hours with OC and no rejected

(And I can confirm OC is applied even if not restarting as I can see the Hashrate rise and GPU temperature decrease)

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Hi alexglvr

I think I have the same issue and also a bit new to HiveOS
Will try a week on stock settings to get the power and error rate baselined and then try your manual work around to see if that’s the same and for a 3rd week try rebooting fresh up with OC.

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