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Issues with booting up

Hi Guys! Noobie here. I recently just made my own mining rig and it worked fine and was able to boot into HiveOS etc. However I added a case fan into my rig and now it doesn’t work anymore. I removed all 8 cards and plugged in 1 card only and it worked. (I’m using hdmi to connect from the card to my monitor as the motherboard I’m using TB250 btc pro only has DVI which I don’t have) Then I added in the 2nd card and then it didn’t work. Usually the monitor goes to the mobo start up screen > boot up screen where you choose hiveos > boots up hiveos. However, when I plugged in the 2nd card, it skipped the mobo start up and right to boot up screen. I then pressed enter to boot into hiveos but it just became black and nothing happens at all. So I offed it and removed the 2nd card and tried on-ing it with the first card only where it was working fine. This time, it was just black screen all the way. Nothing appeared on the screen at all. I’m not even able to go into the bios. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

dont know the answer…but, buy a dvi-hdmi adapter and set your bios -monitor onboard.

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