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Issues with 4GB AMD rigs

Any ideas on this? I was directed to the forums to try and resolve this issue - I’d meant to switch to HiveOS or Linux for a while but the other day (22nd July in the night) all my 4GB rigs stopped or slowed down, like many others.

I managed to configure one of the rigs to work with HiveOS but no others. This one had an 8GB primary card and was fine other than the undervolt settings resetting after an hour or so and pushing power consumption back up.

The errors are usually:
VRAM is lost
ib ring test failed (-110)
IB test failed on uvd (-110)

The first card seems to have issues reporting sensor data on these 4GB rigs (tried a couple), they were fine and stable with Windows on Beta Blockchain drivers until the DAG file hit the VRAM limit so I know they are not faulty rigs.

Is there any reason why 4GB cards can’t mine ETH on HiveOS? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks in advance.

I have same issue with my rx580 4g elpida. Do you have the solution ?

Support looked at it. It was a problem with GPU0 on the 16x slot in both rigs. I unplugged GPU0 leaving 5 others and it was fine after that. They said it’s likely a riser problem but I never confirmed that, I was grateful to have the other 5 cards mining ok.

Same here, when I test it in windows no issue. I don’t think it’s a riser issue