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Issue with Z490 asus prime board

I believe this is a issue with linux in general on one of my ubuntu machines i had to update linux headers to fix the ethernet port having issues, i tried to do the same with hiveOS but it wouldn’t allow me to without breaking the operating system.

Asus prime z490-A the issue itself is with the 2.5gbps ethernet.

would someone be able to look into this and get an update sorted for it thanks !

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Same issue here, internet keeps disconnecting, farm goes offline but the rig is still on, stuck in attempting to reconnect loop

Update, found a solution on Discord

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Nice thankyou !

i know the issue is with the kernal headers it was updated in a more recent one for the specific board hopefully they can implement into the OS for other users


I ave same problem :sleepy:

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could explain to you how you did to make your prime z490-a work

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Tried this but didn’t work for me.
Weird thing is every now and again after several hard reboots the LAN port stays up and HiveOS can work but not good if needing to reboot again.

Double check you did it correctly i have several of these boards and it fixed the issue every time

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Will do. Adding extra GPU’s and PSUs to the rig today so will see how it behaves after all that build out.
I have another desktop which also has the LAN issue when booting from HiveOS so will also try and add the code to that machine as well to see if it’s the same.

Just out of interest has anyone seen this and tried it and will it work for booting from HiveOS?

Yes, this is similar to the link I pasted in another z490 thread and it is working fine (ASUS Z490-A Prime on board NIC doesn't work - #5 by gandald33)

not sure to understand what to do :open_mouth:

hey gandald33 any newb instructions available, have no experience with linux and i continue to have this issue

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