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Issue with monitoring and reporting

I have recently added a second card. Since around that time the monitoring in the website seems disconnected from the miner process.

Web portal suggests the rig is offline.

The farm is still working as I can confirm that in the miner as well as on the mining pool websites.

Also, is there a way to change any default passwords (SU, etc)

thanks for any help.

BTW, great OS & software!! Praising it everywhere.

I also have this problem for 2 morning. I checked and my rig is down for 4 hour. The first time, I restart the miner and it goes back to being online and working. This morning, the 2nd time, no matter how many time I restart the miner or reboot the system, it wont work. I hooked up the monitor to it and check and its unable to connect to the server. I did a Hello test but it still didn’t work. I ended up doing the firstrun -f and reconfigure the rig. That ended up working again. I dont know why it did that but I hope this help you.

You can change password in standard linux manner.
First at all you can (must) change password for user “user”. It’s main secure rule for HiveOS because this user account almost as root
It can be done by typing in console

passwd user

User account “root” by default can’t connect to rig by SSH, but still can do this from the local console with empty password. So you can change password for root but … IMHO it’s no sense for rig