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Issue with mixed rig - help needed

Hi all,

I’ve been minig for a while with a small 2 card rig, with two GTX1660 Super. As it worked out well I decided to buy more equipment. I bought a used RX Vega 64 - installed it (with just one of the Nvidias first) - and I cant get it running. I tried several flight sheets - with a AMD and a NVidia miner, with only one miner for both, but I can’t get the Radeon mining. I’m pretty sure the issue is sittting in front of the monitor, but I tried several hours and can’t help myself any more. What the heck am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your support upfront!



i believe your memory on the vega is too high try a much more conservative value

also, in the future, use the worker overview tab to show your screen instead of the cards tab

what does your flight sheet look like?

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