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Issue with GRAM wallet on HIVE POOL

When I mine GRAM with LolMiner in the new GRAM Hive pool, I cannot choose the wallet configured in the HIVE pool as the wallet because it throws an error when saving changes. I have to use another wallet to continue. There is some error when using HIVE POOL Wallet.

Did anyone have the same problem?

Thanks you!

Try clearing your browser cache/data and make sure your hive is up to date. Right now its account based only

GRAM mining data is not displayed on the pool dashboard.

Can you show a screenshot of your flight sheet?

The miner is working but I dont know where is sending the coins…

Since yersterday…

This happends when I try to use the Hiveos Wallet:


In Hive Account Management, I added the Gram Wallet address to withdraw… still the same issue.

The miner is working normally but I still don’t see the data on the dashboard.

You need to use your hiveos account name in place of the wallet address

Did I change this on the flight sheet?
What happens with what is currently mined, is it updated?

Yes, I tried, but this error occurs when saving the flight sheet.


Try clearing browser data/cache or from another device

Looks like you entered another address, instead of using the hiveon account one that should be autopopulated. You can contact support at [email protected]. Anonymous mining (mining to a wallet address) will be available soon, your earnings will show once it is available so nothing is lost :+1:t2:

У меня тпочти та же проблема в логах майнера и не появляется статистика в майнере


I get this error too, I think it’s because the gram address has an underscore character in it. I tried making another gram address but that has dashes in it. This bug needs fixing to accept the wallet addresses as they are. The only was I was able to get to mine gram with the Hiveon pool was to create a separte TON (GRAM) wallet and add that instead of the using the account, but it’s disappointing as I’d like to be able to see the live stats on the Hiveos dash.

Try from another browser, if youre still having trouble adding your wallet please contact support at [email protected] or live chat on and they can get you squared away