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Issue whwre gpus are recognized but not mining

I’ve had this rig for close to 2 years and it’s worked pretty well until a couple days ago now it won’t mine, it just says “n/a”. I’ve tried rebooting, changing and resetting flight sheet but still just get n/a. When I go into the shell the error I get is:

“OpenCL Error: clCreateBuffer, -61, CL_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZE Device 2 exception, exit…”

Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

I would first flash the latest stable or beta image as you’re on a pretty old image. You can run hive-replace -s -y in shell and wait for it to reboot or reflash.

If the error is always the same gpu, try removing that one and see if it works on its own, and if the rest of the rig works without it.

Thanks for the reply, I tried copying and pasting the command hive-replace -s -y but it says command not found. Sorry I’m not good at this how exactly should I type in the command? Thanks

Can you post a screenshot of where it says not found?

Yup I’ll attach a photo here, it didn’t let me post multiple photos on the initial post cause I’m a new member

Sorry here is the correct screenshot

Gotta run the whole command from my comment.

Okay I did the correct command and it looks like it successfully rebooted. However, 2 of the cards briefly showed they were mining then when I refreshed to see if the others would kick in, they all went back to ‘n/a’. I’ve tried unplugging all the cards individually and the error still persists.

try the card thats erroring on its own, troubleshoot the riser/cables/card etc

I think I solved it. I was trying to find the card that was causing the error but then I realized there wasn’t one specific card, but if I had the right 5 cards going at the same time it would mine properly. Then I tried switching in the cards that “didn’t work” with the risers of the ones that did and then the cards started to work fine so I think I just have a few risers that need to be replaced. Thank you for all your help Keaton I really appreciate it!