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Issue H510 Pro BTX W/3070x3 pcs

very strange dude, if you are ok with windows , mine with it.

I hava same issue With H510. Only 1 gpu working. From widows all 6 gpus working fine but i like hiveos.
Hope that issue will receive a fix.


Any updates to make the work with multiple GPUs and running HiveOS?

Maybe this helps?

He said to change the PCIe slots to Gen1…

Hi, I had the same problem, but I entered the BIOS, I changed the GEN on each slot and it works Normally (System Hiveios) to GEN 1 did not work until after setting the GEN2 it started working

Sorry, important Information you can Try before Combinations with BIOSE set Card Overclock to 0 without Power, of course then It should catch after Firing Wait a little and Only Combine with Overclock when it reboots and it will be a problem set Card Overclock to 0