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Is this unusual?frist card is low haserate than other 30%?

hello guys.
i got a stuip question ,sorry im a newbie for this.
so here is my situation:

1,i got a 8 card rig.
2,all card is mining good.
3,the first card is lower than other card about 30%.
4,i try to reflash it ,reboot the rig,start flight shett again over agian.
5,those try hard do not work.

so whats your adives?
let me show you a picture for this situation.
tks you all for watch this newbie’s problem…

what i used the miner is team red miner 0.8.4
is that version too high?
may i choose the lower version ,like 0.8.3 or 0.8.2 ?

plz tell me waht to do …

Would the first GPU be flagged for providing Video Output for the BIOS, OS boot process, etc.?

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no, no,no
i use intel cpu’s video vga output.
there is nothing it can do but mining …

and the bios is same with the other card .
only difference is its haserate …

is that some else slow down the haserate?

yes ,etc
its a old card
by the way
what is os boot process ??
where can i check?

somebody know this?

Then, it is not likely a contributor to the low hash rate.

You might want post a snapshot of the settings the miner is actually reporting from the miner window. That is a fairly wide reduction in performance and could be voltage, core, memory, etc, regardless of what you set in the configuration screens.

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