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Is this good Temperatures on Rx pulse 5700xt

I’ve been running that rig for about a week I’ve been reading info on internet about that high temp but I’m confused is that safe?

GDDR6 memory operating temperature range from 0 to 96 degrees Celsius
2 degrees Celsius step accuracy in this way 90C and lower will be fine

But on another way what you see on dashboard it’s Memory Hot Spot temperature - real values is lower but for long time usage lower - better


Any tips or ideas how this can be bring down?


Winter is coming … :grinning:


  • Reduce core clock, core voltage
  • Reduce memory controller voltage, memory voltage
  • Use autofan and set memory target temperature


  • vent hot air out
  • make a flow of cold air


I am learnign hw to do the sets up thing… will add 2 or 3 more fans though, to see if that helps

make sure the fans are blowing correctly:

  • stand behind the cards to ensure the flow of cold air
  • to remove heat from the cards, stand in front of the cards

wait… black arrow or red arrow?

I think I got them wrong…

red because cards designed for install into PC case from which hot air is discharged from the case

Look to reference GPU (with single fan in the form of a turbine) and I guess you will understand


I definitely have the fans on the wrong direction. I will need to fix this.

Right now I am having a lot of problems with the temps.

I have 6x 5700s

Lest say they are align like this:

0 1 2 3 4 5

and fans are at this side of the cards -->

So I have this problem, card 5 is fairly fresh, but it dumps the warm air on 4 and 4 dumps even warmer air on 3 and so on and go on.

when we get to 1 and 0 they are already in the 106 temps and giving lower hash, I remember I read in another post you say this is because throttle.

The max I am getting from any card is 49.60 MH/s card 0 is 40.51 MH/s at this moment .

By the way thanks for recommending the teamredminer it made a significant performance improvement over claymore.

What is your OC settings?

When Tmem >= 104C than GPU start throttling

This is my current set up… I basically have seeing pictures of what other users have and try to copy their numbers, more or less…

I didn’t wanted o do the open rack thing so i have them in a server box, but i have the cover open, because if i close it temps will go even higher, probably fixing the fan positions will fix his…

I have being considering 1 of 3 options:

  1. get the cards out of that metal box and have a open rack like everybody else do.
  2. upgrade the fans to a set of fans that will move more air volume than my current set (about $90 investment)
  3. cut a big window on the top panel on the half side of the cards and put some mesh on it… but first need to bring the temp down… no as it is…

What would you suggest?

If you need it in a server case then you should get a better setup. I have 9 5700 in a case and they are all very crammed but they cool effectively. I’ve had a rosewill setup like that before and I struggled to cool the cards.

Which case you have?

Have you succeeded lowering mem temps down? Im also having struggle getting it bellow 90. Here is my setup. They are bellow 100 but fans are on 80-90% almost all the time. I tried everything and cannot get them under 90. Is this maybe considered to be normal?

Try to lower memory voltage. It sould work on 1300 fine.
Try to get 88 on all.
Use AUTOFAN to control fanspeed (TRM has it) depending on mem temp.
My line is : " --fan_control=::80:40 " - min fanspeed 40, get 80*C on mem.

Try " --eth_config=B --fan_control=::80:40 " on TRM to lower core and core Voltage - may help.

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This helped. Succeeded to keep it bellow 90 but fans are on 80-90%. Ages I would have to add additional cooling or just to keep the fans at full speed all the time.

Consider to upgrade TRM to 0.8.
New drivers and new OC & UV settings.

Youre micron cards schould use at most 1300mV for 900. Youre using stock - witch is 1350.

I’ve made a 3d printed backplate to hold a 80x80mm PC fan. managed to low 4-6°C degrees on msi 5700xt mech.