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Is there is feature to shutdown or reboot miner or rig when a max GPU temp is reached

Does HIVE OS have a feature where the miner shuts down or server shuts down/reboots after a max GPU temp is reached? I have generally always used or looked for these features on other mining utilities…need a way to protect the cards. I know Claymore has a param for this…so do we rely on the mining software to have the feature? But is is limited some don’t have the feature and other are limited, I believe Claymores GPU temp protection feature does not work on Nivida for example.

Would REALLY like to see this feature within HIVE OS itself…I am loving using HIVE OS, just started a week ago.

I’m having the same problem. Claymore stops mining on the hot card as it should but does not resume once cooled (only way to fix is restart). It’s as if it remembers the high temp and stops listening to new temps.

In windows Claymore, I seem to remember the card resuming when cool…although I may have had watchdog off.