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Is there any way to lower the case fan speed on Hive os?

Hi there
I have a small miner with 4 GPUS on a BIOSTAR TB250 running Hive Os.
The miner is really loud mostly because of the Fans that I install in front of the GPUs. Is there any way to lower the RPM of the case fans?

If yes how and what are the value I should put.

thank you Filippo

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at least 3 options,

  1. quieter fans

  2. if you are using the fan headers on the motherboard, see if you can adjust the fan speed in the bios (don’t think hive has an option). Most fans can be adjusted through varying the voltage or the PWM train

  3. Using an additional header board which allows adjusting the fan speed

i’d love to manage the rig fans from hive os since i made the structure a bit small and i can’t connect a monitor to the motherboard without taking it apart

Just boot into your bios and set them all before booting into HiveOs.

just thought of an alternative, but it is very iffy. If there is software for your motherboard (maybe in github, mine doesn’t), you might be able to control the fans through the cli of linux (hive is built upon it).

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