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Is there a way to see if I'm hitting the hash limiter?

Hi All,

As the title asks, is there a way to see if / when I’m hitting the limiter? I’m using 2 3060 LHR cards, that are stable at 75.5 MH/s combined for 55 minutes every hour, and like clockwork, they drop down to 30+/- MH/s for 5 minutes and come back up.

I’m in the process of testing lower overclock settings, but it would be helpful if I could find out if they hit the limiter.

current OCs are:
core @ 1550
mem @ 1900
no power or fan lock.
Temps range from 60-63

Running the most recent HiveOS and lolminer 1.47 with --lhrtune 85


Open the miner in the shell and watch the output. Why did you set the lhr value to 85%? It’s clearly not reaching that. What does it get to on auto?

@ Keaton,

Thanks for the help. Fired it up and saw exactly what I was looking for.

I got the 85 number from my dyslexia. I had started at 87, and worked my way down to 85. Corrected it, so we’ll see how it goes.

If you run it without any config it will run just as good, without trying to go so high and then dropping down slowly. Aka, you’ll reach max unlock faster without any config.

I let it run overnight without any config, and still, it fell every hour for 5 minutes. Odd. I guess I’ll have to keep playing with it.

Are you mining to nicehash by chance?

I am, is there an issue there?

Seems to be a recurring theme with 1.47 and nicehash stratum for some reason.

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