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Is there a way to not disable the APU's iGPU?

First of all, I could have chosen a wrong category for this topic, sorry for that.

Is there a way to not disable the iGPU of my APU? I want to see my rig’s logs without using local network command prompt (Shell in a Box). Since HiveOS disables the iGPU, I can’t get display without plugging my display cable to my discrete graphics card.

I’d like you to help me. Thanks.

MoBo: MSI A68HM-E33 V2
CPU: AMD A10-7890K APU

Hola, tengo el mismo problema con mi AMD ATHLON 320GE 3.4 GHZ AM4, hiveos opera correctamente con mi igpu (grafica integrada), no veo imagen en mi monitor una vez que el sistema operativo inicia (en bios, video, seleccione igpu). Desde la app, veo que igpu aparece “disabled”.

im having the same issue. did you find a resolve?

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