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Is there a way to add Antminer L7 from the asic hub?

I know it is not supported yet but I really want to moniter them along with my gpu rigs. I can get them appear on my farm but when I run the flight sheet, it cannot get the miner configuration from the asic. It comes out with a 404 error message.

Are you using the latest asic hub v 1.6.0 beta 3? It fully supports the L7

Where can I get that beta version? The website only has 1.50

After I apply the flight sheet, it goes offline and the hub shows fail to fetch. I use litecoinpool.

Litecoinpool has a username and password to login and all the workers name are added based on the username. When hiveos applied the flight sheet, it tries to change the workers name to something else which does not match with the pool. I don’t know how that is going to work.

Change your worker name in the flight sheet to match what you need it to be on your pool if that’s your issue. It will set it to what you tell it to set it to

Your suggestion works great. Is there a way to restart the asic when it reaches certain temperature?

I don’t believe that’s something you can set remotely, does it have a similar setting in the ip dashboard on the default fw?

The watchdog setting looks like it will work but I don’t know that is compatible or not.