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Is the number of shares proportional to the MH/s?


I have a brand new rig and I am surprised by the result.

Is it normal that the number of shares is not proportional to the MH/s?

Below are my number after 33 minutes, mining ETH on HiveOS

  • 1x NVidia RTX 3080, using TRex : 83 MH/s : 1042 shares (31.57 shares per min)
  • 6x AMD RX5700XT, using RedTeamMiner : 315 MH/s : 805 shares (24 shares per min)

The number of shares of my AMD seems really low. If the number of shares is proportional, shouldn’t I have instead at least 3900 shares?

What are your though?

Thank you in advance,

Best Regards,


See my screenshot, This is my question. Why #3 GPU MH/s lower than other 3080,but the accept data seems not lower then others?

Because all cards are diffrerent…

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