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Is T-Rex miner generating DAG with memory at default speed?

I recently moved from Windows to HiveOS and I have one cuestion abaout DAG generation and memory overclock.
On windows I had a script that started trex, waited until DAG was generated, and after that, apply memory OC, just to avoid corrupted DAG.
I’ve seen that HiveOS apply overclock at boot, so I understand that while DAG is being generated by t-rex memory is still with overclock applied? Or maybe trex set memory to default while generating DAG and after that reapplies same memory OC?
I’ve seen that T-Rex has one parameter that is dag-build-mode that is set to 0 by default, but I cannot find what exactly does, only that it helps generating a good dag for RTX3000 → Maybe this is what I was talking about?

Thanks guys!

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