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Is my rig unstable?

Can anyone tell me what is causing this?

Click on stats and check if it’s all the GPUs having unstable hash rate or just one.

Seems like all. I have dropped the core clock and dropped the mem clock last night. Seems like it is getting better.

Take a look at each card’s Wattage use and temperature. See if you can see some correlation.

Nice thanks

Me too facing the same issue. Already in Gen2. temperature and watts are reduced whenever the hash rate reduced. please let me know the solutions.

Yes it is unstable. Therefore you should lower you overclocks. What cards do you have?

It should look more like this

Hi All,
Finally, I have resolved the unstable issue successfully


Change the miner and try, I have resolved it after many experiments.
given 3 days performance.

There no issue with OC settings. Just I have changed miner.
Now running normally


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