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Is it worth updating Nvidia drivers to ver. 510.73.05


My Rigs are all Nvidia GPU’s currently running N 510.60.02 drivers. I know that Hive has N 510.73.05 drivers available but my question is it worth the upgrade? Has someone tested and saw some performance improvement?


On its own, not much of a difference. No harm in flashing the latest stable image with the updated kernel and 510.73 included.

don’t recall much difference nor problems with any of the 510 series. Think the last one was 510.85.02. Never used 510.73.05.

I’m currently on 520.56.06, and have some fan issues, but not as bad as in the beginning. The main advantage is that miners start faster since there isn’t lhr anymore on this driver. However, hasn’t been fully vetted by hive and you might experience some glitches. Many of the popular miners upgraded to be compatible with this driver. Though if you use an older one, it might not work well

No difference, you can choose to update if you want. I personally stick to 510.60.02 for now, until 520 (LHR removal) drivers get fully supported and implemented.