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Is it worth buying second hand gpu?

Any thoughts on buying a good mining gpu second hand? I’m new to mining, I’m running Nvidia 3060ti, but expensive

well if you can test it and see if its looking ok , not repaired and keeping low temps. many people are buy used cards.
my friend bought a whole right with 6 rx580s but it was clean and it looked like well maintained. it kept low temps under 60-55 and 5 months later it still mines and he is almost breakeven with his investment.

Thanks for your advice. I just placed order for 2 new 3060ti’s.

I have one mining ethereum, not sure what to use on the yet, was thinking Raven and litecoin, let me know which coin(s) you think? Is it true we have until end of December to mine ethereum?

the problem is that these cards are LHR and you need to use lolminer to partially unlock the limitations.
about ETH people say they will try to stop mining around December with a so called difficulty bomb , which will add tons of imaginary miners , making it harder to mine for us, then next year they will transition to Proof of Stake system and stop mining. All this will face resistance from mining communities and we will see what happens, maybe there will be delays but still they will do it. you can easily mine later on Raven, Ergo, ETC

i would buy used, but, the first thing is to clean and repaste all cards, and maybe change thermal also!
that is normal maintenance for rigs like 1 year old…dont wait till the last moment, because replacement is expensive and nowadays will be very slow if they have warranty left!
For those 3060ti - read well - with lolminer - still unstable, but mines OK…i hope you got good price for those! Again - read the forum for proper OC settings and correct miner…

Good luck!

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: I paid top dollar for them :frowning:

I’m only buying second hand, I’m on a low budget system as usual. But I do look for quality and good bargains. It’s always a bit risky but if you buy with a refund policy it’s ok.
Now I’m waiting for my second GPU to arrive from Germany :grinning:

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excellent :slight_smile:

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