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Is it pssoible to mine on other Pool as HiveON and fill up the Funds for HiveOS in parallel?

I tried many options, and i couldnt resolve this situation, currently i set up flightsheet to mine in HiveON pool, but i still dont understand how to process now to refill my funds that i can fill up my balance in HiveOS, normally i would like to mine on ethermine pool, regardings 2 rigs i can`t mine in another pool, cause of the negative balance situation.

And still i don`t understand the other process to pay with “Coinpayments” option.

I would like to try to mine in HiveON pool and pay the costs for using HiveOS

Please help

Best Regards

The process to refill funds isn’t complex, it’s literally just sending crypto to one of the addresses in your billing tab. That’s it. No other hoops to jump through.

If you want to use hiveon pool charging 3% instead of $0.10 a day per rig, leave the toggle on, keep in mind this only applies to rigs mining eth/etc.

What ever will be the Situation now i was able to Transfer funds over Binance to Hive, it was really easy after i See a video to that topic.

The balance is still on 0,00$, but in funds i have enough now.

Many Thanks for Support

keep in mind there’s an account balance, and farm balance. youre probably looking at the wrong one.

My funds and my Balance are Green now



This looks fine now

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You can fill the balance from the funds. You don’t need to add to both btw.

O.k., for understanding,

First Step is to send some Money to the Funds Section.
After that you transfer internally from Funds Section into Balance Section, is that correct?

I thinks there is no other way…