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Is it possible to set default flight sheet and overclocking after boot?

I’m having couple of RXT 3060s where I have enabled the full hashrate with the fan 0% glitch. Hence, they might be a bit unstable due to extensive overclocking. If they or any other GPU gets unresponsive I would like to conduct a reboot with the miner watchdog but resume with some safe overclocks and also with different miner.

How that would be possible? How I can setup a different than the effective configuration on reboot? I would like to have some default overclocking and default flight sheet after a reboot.

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Hi there, just wondering if you found a way to do this? i.e. set safe overclocks (or remove overclocks completely) on reboot of the rig?


No I didn’t find anything directly in Hive OS. However, with Hive API and some Linux scripts run on startup that should be doable but you need to do a bit of bash scripting then.

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