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Is it possible to prompt ETH payout if mining rig is down

I know the answer is probably no, but I turned off my rig yesterday for some maintenance and today I blew my PSU when I was turning it back on to setup payout before the merge. I’m above the min threshold but below the automatic one. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to secure a replacement PSU before the merge. Is there someone I can get in touch with to prompt the payout? I don’t wish to change anything in the payout settings, just prompt the payout.

In order to request it yourself, you need at least 1 active miner. Could be a single gpu from a laptop or something similar.

As long as you have above the min, you can email support [email protected] in the next 3 weeks to have the payout issued as well.

thanks for the prompt reply, I will try to get a replacement psu before the merge since I don’t have any machine currently with the reqs to mine or send out the email to support (I’ll probably do this now just in case I can’t get a psu or miner up in time).