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Is it possible to mine Flux (JSON parsing error)

Hi everyone,

Almost 2 hours waiting to get stats on Minerpool, mining Flux with miniZ miner. Next tried with lolminer -no results again. Syslog says for both miners:

JSON parse errors

Checked out in forum, quite enough complains for the same error and no adequate answer, nor from mod or admin.

The miner is not custom, the settings are standard, everything set as are Hiveos standard configs, except the wallet.
Please, would someone responsible for Hive to answer?

what does the miner say? can you post screenshots of your worker overview screen, and your flight sheet?

This morning found some stats in pool. Few hours ago when posted the message, tried Minerpool-solo and Minerpool for EU.



Update up to 16.03.2022 14.30h
Minerpool-org has statistics, regardless of the error.
Minerpool-solo no stats

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