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Is it possible to change my email address for my account?

Hello, so I’m switching ISPs and my HiveOS account was signed up with an email address that is hosted by the ISP. If if I go my account settings on the browser, I see that my email is verified, but I cant type in the field to change it.

If I go into the app, I can see my email address and change it, which then it prompts for my code - so I enter the code from the email but it keeps saying wrong code even if its the latest one send within 5 mins.

I’d hate to have to sign up for another account just because of my ISP change :frowning: Thanks and any help is welcome.

Also another weird thing, I see on the web login to my account, that my 2FA is turned on (which it is), but if I go to the account settings on my hiveOS app, it shows 2FA as being off which doesn’t make sense

send [email protected] an email and they can get you sorted

Ah very awesome Keaton! I will try that.

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