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Is it possible to auto-change overclock settings based on temperature?

I have a rig with all R9 390s, and all I do to adjust them is set the DPM to whatever gets the temp low enough. I have been trying to use schedules to change the overclock at night when its cooler and then change it back in the early afternoon when it warms up, but lately ambient temps have been swinging wildly. I set them all to 6DPM and then it got hot one afternoon and they were all getting way too hot. Then the next day I had them set to 4DPM all day but they were sitting at less than 62C because it was very cool outside. Literally the next day.

Is there a way to just have HiveOS change overclock settings based on temperature?

I had exactly the same question for a similar rig with 390’s
Makes so much sense to have such a feature.

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