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Is it good with this setting?

Hi i am newbie in mining world. it’s only been 35 days.
I have something to ask, do you think the settings below are enough optimal?
estimate ETH that I get daily I have shown below… is it with 8gpu Radeon rx 6700 xt get
0.004494 ETH/daily profit a day is good enough? can it still be increased to the maximum limit?

if i increase to max limit will it reduce GPU life ? because I want at least my GPU can last min 5years.

You’re pretty much at the max hashrate already, you could dual mine eth+ton for more profit/power draw if you want the most out of them, but for eth alone you’re pretty maxed out.

if i combine 2 coins,. does it not shorten my gpu life? because most people say it will shorten the life of vga? Will there be a lot of issues for dual coin mining?
and what do you suggest eth with ton or other options

any gpu use will shorten its lifespan. gpus are only guaranteed to last as long as their warranty period is. if you want to keep it pristine for the next guy, its best to leave it in the box. if you bought it to mine, mine.

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