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Is HiveOn having issues right now?

I emailed support, but wanted to see if anybody else was having trouble with the ETH dashboard not updating.

I’ve got 3 active miners and it’s not showing in the dashboard. My balance has updated for the last 30 minutes.

I’m also mining but showing “offline”

Same here . Mining farm online - pool off line .

I just got a response back from support that the servers are undergoing maintenance right now.

Here’s the full text:

Maintenance work continues on the Hiveon ETH pool :man_astronaut::gear::wrench:

As maintenance operations are taking longer than we originally anticipated, we understand you might be worried, but we would like to ensure that’s completely unnecessary. Mining remains unaffected!

:hotsprings: Due to the substantial amount of unclarity and questions, we’ll try to make a few things clearer for you all:

  1. Due to pool software changes, we’ve also got a new pool wallet address.

New payments will be sent from this ( new pool wallet address.

  1. Unpaid pool balances, which were greater than 0.01 ETH before the maintenance, were sent from the old ( wallet address for processing and you will receive them soon. Balances less than 0.01 ETH will be paid out shortly, but no later than November 28th.

  2. Buggy/Incorrect/Missing statistics displayed, will remain a possibility/probability until November 20th. These are merely statistical artifacts that will be fixed upon completion of our technical maintenance work.

Please note once again that the displayed statistics do not affect mining!

  1. We are aware of possible higher stale shares affecting some users and apologize for any inconveniences. We will provide more information on this matter once the statistics are restored and stabilized.

  2. Normal scheduled payments will resume tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue our work to bring you the best pool possible​:moneybag::pick:

Thank you for info . Have nice weekend.

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