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Is a320mh ok for rx6800xt?

Hello, David here. I am new to mining and have built a mixed rig recently. I am having problems with my rx6800xt in my rig. I have 2 rtx 3070 and one rx580 working flawlessly in a a320mh pro motherboard, biostar brand. The problem is that even if i use the alpha image that is recommemded in other posts i still can’t get the rx6800 to even be detected by the system, much less mine. Does anyone have any idea why the rtx3070 can be recognized and start mining instantly on hiveos and the rx6800 doesn’t even start the fans?

Instala a versão beta, tio

Infelizmente nao vai dar certo. Fiz uns testes e descobri que a placa estava com problema e vou mandar pra garantia. Só ela estava com problema.

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