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Is 4 Mh worth extra 10°?

Hello every one !
so i starred mining with 1080Ti Msi duke micron memory
and when i power limit it, the heat is around 49° and the mh is 40.2 but when i give it full power it goes up to 44.4mh but the temperature increase to 59°
So as a person who wanna take good care of his GPUS, what do you guys suggest ? should i stick with 40mh for good temp or push it to 44 ?
49°vs59° ?
i will upload my full settings , if u guys can make suggestions or changes i really apricate it .


I think it is not only about the temperature but about the wattage that you draw.
Consider all factors and use a mining calculator to find your profits after electricity.

These are your scenarios
40MH @ 160 Watts
44MH @ 216 Watts

Import them in the calculator and check if the 4 MH worth the extra 56Watts and the
10 degrees in Celsius difference.

I also don’t know about the ideal clocks of a 1080TI but do keep in mind that you are
using only 65% of the fan. Fan is easier and cheaper to replace rather than a broken GPU.

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