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Irregular Hash Rates with AMD cards

I am getting really weird hash rates on Hive OS currently:

Celeron something or other
1 x 1000w Evga Something
1 x 650 Seasonic Focus
4 x rx580 4gb
2 x rx580 8gb
2 x rx570 4gb

I followed the B250 instructions for BIOS settings, and made sure they’re plugged into the correct slots. Risers are all in good shape and were working fine in Windows (getting ~190mh/s consistently). I also tuned / updated the bios. I am at a loss as to why this is happening. Cards were bios modded in Windows previously. Driver version is 18.10, Hive OS Version: 0.5-57

Here is what I found in the log but not sure what it means:

Here is the only interesting thing I found:

22:13:28:218 dcff1700 ETH: 06/14/18-22:13:28 - New job from
22:13:28:218 dcff1700 target: 0x000000006df37f67 (diff: 10000MH), epoch 193(2.51GB)
22:13:28:218 dcff1700 gpu #6 dt 956.40 (127%, bad)
22:13:28:218 dcff1700 gpu #7 dt 1499.36 (217%, bad)

Full log: