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iPollo ETC Mini Asics problems with HiveOn Pool

Hey guys,

I have a problem with my iPollo Asic miners.
I’ve also been in contact with iPollo and Hive support, but no one can help.
The problem is this:

  1. If I run the Asics with the firmware 3840, I have a very good and high hash rate, but also about 3-5% invalid shares.
  2. If I upgrade the Asics to the 4755 firmware, then I no longer have any invalids, but the real-time hashrate in the pool drops by 40-50%. According to iPollo’s mining dashboard, however, the Asics are running with the normal hash rate…

Anyone here who also has the problem?

Here is the link to my miner statistics:

You can see exactly when I had changed the firmware (upgrade/downgrade).

Any other firmwares to try?

no… only the both, 38.40 and 47.55…

there are no more problems with latest ipollo drivers (only reported hashrate is false - but no longer invalid shares or too low hashrate).
go to ipollos homepage and download the latest firmware.
greetings to all

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