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Invalid shares!

Hey can anyone tell me why im getting so many invalid shares on these gpus?

They are ATI “Pradeon” rx580s. They are a knock off gpus from china and have been performing pretty well. I know that 27 mhs isnt what normal 580s do but I have them set like this because pushing them any further causes inconsistency and over heating (thought id mention this because I figured people would question it)
Either way for some reason this rig gets a lot of invalid shares compared to my other rig with the same gpus that is further underclocked.


Does anyone know why this is?

you are doing wrong…
OC settings
Core 1150 800-850 volt memory 2000-2100 power limit off and then cut 10 watts until hashrates drops…

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please read what I wrote. These 580s cant handle that kind kind of power. 1775 is the highest mem clock I can go to with out them not hashing. I just took out mem and core clock because it made no difference. Can you give me an explanation to why it could be my low oc settings causing the problem?

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You need to start over on your OC settings.

start over and try setting core and memory?

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I really suggest you read this little help sheet I put together for the forum. It has a ton of information from me, other awesome people on the forum, and from Nicehash as well.

This will really help. It is HARD to get a handle on all of this when starting, but I assure you this will help. Let me know if you have questions.


As soon as you apply a new OC the rig will respond.
There is a way to specify a delay and some miners feel that setting a long delay (I have seen 120 seconds) allows the DAG to be created before OC’ing and that this helps with error reduction. I have not seen a difference.
The default is 5 seconds. I have mine set at 20 seconds.
The cards will kind of ramp up to those OC settings.

The cool thing is you can adjust OCs on the fly for individual cards and I do this based on errors. IF I apply an OC, I watch for errors and detune a card or cards based on that information. You can see in this screeshot I have some errors. I took some memory off these 2 cards and the errors stopped.

People will post and brag about OCs on these forums, so don’t get frustrated if your RIG won’t OC at the highest level. Make it run well and use less electricity. AND some days are better than others. Yesterday my cards were running better, right now, I will make some changes.

EFFICIENCY - a word about it.

ALL cards will clock differently - there are bad, good, great, and exceptional quality cards out there. It is the luck of the draw. Your OC values are heavily dependent on this and of course your entire system setup. Don’t chase other people’s OC settings. Work on yours and use error reporting within the HIVEOS dashboard to correct improperly OC’ed cards.

I have learned to focus on EFFICIENCY instead of HASHRATE.

Efficiency is the hash to watt ratio.

In other words how much work you get out of a card VS the power used by the card. This is the way to find the sweet spot for your card or rig(s).

Efficiency is calculated by taking a card’s hashrate/watts used. Since we need Joules for power, we need kilowatts so we multiply hashrate by 1000.

See below:

(61.02 Mh/s x 1000 watts/kW) / 120 watts = 508.5 kH/J as an example.

NOTE: (EFFICIENCY DATA - These values are available in the T-Rex miner data output)

This is one of my cards and that is a really good efficiency. I am sure someone is getting better efficiency on 3060Ti and so am I. I have one card that is approaching 520 kH/J - it is an exceptional card though. I feel 500 kH/J value is pretty average.

Check out this article on EFFICIENCY: NiceHash - Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and Trading

Even though this is from Nicehash ALL the information is solid.

The discussion on efficiency and how they tuned their rig for efficiency is really great - good pictures.

I have a 6 card rig of 1 x 3070 and 5 x 3060Tis pulling 830 watts at the wall (Killawatt measured) and hashing at around 370 Mh/s. There are 2 poorly performing cards in this rig.

I could probably run this entire rig from 1 x 1000 watt PSU. However, I am using 2 x 750 watt PSUs. The average per card efficiency is over 500 kH/J.

I have also found this helps me to identify UNDERPERFORMING cards which I can RMA back to EVGA for replacement.


apt update - shows available Linux package updates
apt upgrade - applies ALL the updates available

nvidia-driver-update update the driver to 460.39 or whatever version you choose

nvidia-driver-update --nvs to reinstall the nvidia settings

BIOS - Ensure PCI-e on motherboard is in GEN2. You might or will get X Server Start errors and OC settings will not be applied.

Also check this out for BIOS settings - again this is NOT just for Nicehash. This is for all miners.


Where can I find your OC help sheet? I’ve looked for it and I cannot seem to find it.

I also need help??

i got also so many invalid shares in this 2 week. In past i didn’t have them but now with updates or something else cause this problem to me.

Go to your flight sheet and click 3 dots for edit. Click “configure pool” and add other servers, apply and reboot your system. If you need more help let me know.