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Invalid shares when using absolute core

Hi, I’ve only just recently started using the absolute core for my Nvidia GPUs. When I first set it up I was getting increased hashrate and lower power draw, it was great! However, after leaving it running I’m finding some of the cards are starting to get invalid shares. I never had this issue when using core clock at -502 or something similar.
You can see my settings below, it’s the 3070’s that give me the biggest issue. I want to keep the invalid shares at 0 if possible.
OC Settings
Absolute Core 1000
Mem 2600
Power 125

The 3070’s are MSI Suprim X. If anyone has recommendations for any of the other cards I’d be more than happy to look at this.

Thanks again.

i am experincing same issue.
and i am working on it. if i want any fix will let you know. Please let us know as well if you found out something

For my 3070s which are Gigabyte I use Absolute core of 1070 and memory of 2100 PL of 115
HR is about 60…

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